A12 Operatory System

A12 Operatory System
Item# a12-operatory-syst12

Product Description

The A12 Operatory Systems combines comfort, ergonomics and reliability together to create the perfect chair for any dental operatory. It is designed with an ultra thin backrest and seat rest with synchronized back and seat movement to provide unparalleled ergonomics for the patient and the dentist.

In addition, the radius delivery system (left-hand or right-hand operation) coupled with the ability to reach down to an industry best minimum of 12.6 inches and a maximum height of 35.4". This exceptional range of motion allows for easier access to the oral cavity for any procedure and working position, thus creating the perfect chair for any dental operatory.


- G.Comm ISA Halogen Light

- Luxury Deluxe doctor stool

- Doctor Side Treatment Tray: 3-way syringes, 3x four-hole Midwest handpiece tubing with coupler

- Assistant Instrumentation: 1X High-Volume Evacuator (HVE) and 1X Saliva Ejector, 3-way Syringe

- Assistant Side Touchpad, Doctor Side Touchpad and Deluxe Foot control Included

- Optional Scaler connection and holder position

- One Piece Ceramic spitton bowl with Timed Cup Fill and Bowl Rinse

Natural working condition:

- Environment temperature: 5C to 40C

- Related humidity: = 80%

- Power supply : ~110-220V 10%; 50Hz 10%, total power of unit: 360VA

- Air Pressure: 400-600kPa: 30-60psi

- Water Pressure: 200-400kPa: 60-120 psi

- Bearing capacity of the chair = 135 KG