AT 2000XR - Film Processor

AT 2000XR - Air Techniques Film Processor
AT 2000XR - Air Techniques Film Processor
Item# AT2000XR

Product Description

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- Automatic chemistry replenishment and temperature maintenance.

- A microcomputer automatically signals the internal replenishment pumps to meter the proper amount of developer and fixer to maintain chemistry strength. This ensures optimum chemistry strength and is more economical because excess chemistry is not used.

- Stand-by mode for energy conservation. After films exit the processor, the A/T 2000 XR will automatically return to stand-by mode. Electricity use, water consumption and system wear are reduced.

- Daylight Loader available. The optional Panoramic Daylight Loader and a Quick Loader Covered Feed Chute eliminate the need for a dark room.

Part Number 45000

Process Time - Archival, 5 1/2 minutes. "Quick-look" Endo periapical films, 2 1/2minutes

Chemistry Replenishment - At initial Power On, 4 1/4oz. in 90 seconds. Every 12 3/4" linear film, 1 2/3 oz. in 35 seconds

Electrical - 115V, 60Hz, 8A. Use 3 prong grounded outlet. Dedicated 15 amp line recommended

Water Flow - 1/2 gallon/minute when processing film. Do not use water softeners

Water Pressure - 80 psi max. / 30 psi min. Manual shut-off required near processor

Water Connection - 1/2" female NP and 3/4" male garden hose adapters provided. A 6' long water supply hose is provided to connect to the rear of the processor

Water Backflow Prevention - Vacuum breaker not required. Processor has a 1" air gap between water supply inlet and top of highest water level in processor

Water Temperature - Mixing valve not required if water temperature is between 55 degree F (13 degrees C) to 80 degrees F (27 degrees C)

Drain - Use 1 1/2" diameter vertical PVC standpipe, open at top, connected to 1 1/2" PVC trap. Top of standpipe must be 6" below bottom of counter top. DO NOT DRAIN INTO COPPER OR BRASS. Ventilation: Room air must not exceed 80 degrees F (27 degrees C) during processing. Processing generates heat. Adequate ventilation of 10 air changes per hour is necessary to maintain darkroom temperature

Dimensions (HxWxD) - 18"x15"x25" with leveling base. With Daylight loader, 18"x16.25"x39"; Daylight Loader extends additional 10.25" below counter top

Weight - 90lbs with water and chemistry, 75lbs empty