Classic L Series - Complete

Classic L Series - Complete
Item# classic-l-series--complete

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Standard features:

Electromechanical pediatric bench:

With up down function,

Articulating headrest,

Chair safety swtich,

Foot contro

Classic L dentist's control head :

3 Auto H.P. controls, 1 doctor syringe,

Individual water coolant controls, Master handpiece air coolant adjustment,

Asepsis handpiece tubing,

Handpiece flush system, Master on/off switch,

Wet/Dry foot control,

Stainless steel tray with non-slip pad,

Flex arm with air brake swtich,

Classic L Post mounted utility (PMU) :

2 HVE, 1SE, 1 syringe on telescoping assistant's control,

Steel side box with City / Bottled water system, water outlet and air QD, Solids collector,

Junction box with air/water filters, regulators, master shut-off valves, 5 ft. umbilical.

Post mount LED light :

With sensor control,

3 Level intensity adjustment.