Explor-X AC

Explor-X AC
Item# explorx-ac

Product Description

In the new range of intra-oral X-ray units Explor-x, everything has been designed to maximize the operating efficiency and allow you to concentrate on diagnosis and treatment, rather than on the procedure to get the radiographic image.

The new grid tube improves the quality of the emitted radiation increasing the accuracy of exposure parameters and reducing the so-called “soft radiation” which doesn’t contribute to image production, yet it’s harmful for the patient.

Thanks to a smart software algorithm, the system automatically compensates the mains voltage fluctuations guaranteeing the best stability in film darkening.

The duty cycle (waiting time between two exposures) is 1:32, meaning that, after a 0.5 seconds exposure, you just have to wait 16 seconds for the next shot. Once again this translates into high efficiency when you need to take several images in a sequence.

Explor-X ACP: Optimized parameters The sophisticated timer of Explor-X ACP allows to select the best exposure parameters using pre-programmed anatomic techniques.

The choice of the diagnostic target is easily achieved in two quick steps: choose the size of the patient among the three available and choose the dentition area to be examined: that’s all.

At the touch of a key you can also switch to a specific modality which optimizes the exposure times for use with any digital acquisition system.