Item# genoray-papaya-33

Product Description

Combination Imaging System

- 3D CT, Panoramic Imaging

3D CT, Panoramic Imaging The versatile imaging capability provides the user with accurate information for implant planning.

- 7.7 sec Fast Scan for 3D image - Dedicated three sensors for each mode

Multi-FOV Selection (4x5, 14x14) Multi-F.O.V. selection enables accurate scanning whilst keeping dose levels to a minimum. FOV 4x5, 7x7, 8x8, 14x8, 14x14

Automated sensor switching for each scanning mode. Auto-swing system positions the appropriate sensor without manual intervention.

User Friendly Face to face positioning / Fit each individualís jaw shape. / Voice support system / Hand switch / Emergency switch / Wheelchair accessible

Exposure Programs Standard panoramic, orthogonal panoramic, bitewing panoramic, child panoramic, TMJ lateral double, horizontal & vertical X-ray segmentation, TMJ PA double, TMJ LAT-PA, TMJ LAT-PA double, sinus lateral and sinus PA

Sample Images

digitalimage1 digitalimage2 digitalimage3 digitalimage4 digitalimage5 digitalimage6 digitalimage7 digitalimage8 digitalimage9 digitalimage10 digitalimage11 digitalimage12 digitalimage13 digitalimage14 digitalimage15 digitalimage16 digitalimage17 digitalimage18 digitalimage19 digitalimage20 digitalimage21 digitalimage22 digitalimage23 digitalimage24 digitalimage25 digitalimage26 digitalimage28 digitalimage29 digitalimage30 digitalimage31