Helix II Operatory System

Helix II Operatory System
Item# helixIIos
HP-Illumination-ISO-B:  HP-Illumination-ISO-C:  Wet/Dry-Foot-Control:  2nd-HVE,holder-and-tubing:  Silcryn-tubing(sterling-only):  Unit-mount-touchpad: 

Product Description


NEW BDS Helix II Operatory System.

Unit Package Features:

Swing Post and bracket with Bushing (not shown separately)

3 Handpiece Automatic Control, Top Post Mount System (not shown separately)

Rear Mount Vacuum (not shown separately, factory installed only)

Doctor Operatory Stool

Assistant's Operatory Stool

Helix Mount Water Bottle Kit(not show separately)

Epic Operatory Chair, 110 V