Dental Light for Unit

Dental Light for Unit
Item# lightfotunit

Product Description

Rite - Lite with Arm. Dental Operating Light. BRAND NEW IN BOX! This is a high quality light. Model 037-C. Fits in any standard chair fitting. Easy maintenance and bulb replacement! One year factory warranty! Call for more information.

- Perfect light for any dental unit.
- Special coated lamp. Reflects only cold white light and allows infrared light (heat light) to pass through.
-Shadowless light.
- Easily manueverable rounded supporting arm. Never drifts out of position.
- Light and compact. Very Smooth.
-Protective mirror made of polycarboxilate. Unbreakable and not affected by heat.

Technical Specifications
Color Tempurature - 4400 Kelvin at 19,000 Lux
Bulb - Haligen bulb H3 12V 55W
Input Voltage - 110 V or 220V
Output Voltage - High12V, Low 10.5VM
Power output - High 55W, Low 50W
Spot Light - Width - 90 MM X Length 170 MM
at focal distance 700 MM.
24Lbs in weight.
UL Approved - NO. 1015-22 AWG No. 1617-22 AWG
Switch 10A, 125V, A.C. UL Approved.

Bushing - Universal
Fits any pole. 2 inch diamenter post.
We carry a complete list of bulbs for Light Curing Unit and Dental Unit Lights.

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