MaxRay Cocoon Portable Handheld Dental X-Ray

MaxRay Cocoon Portable Handheld Dental X-Ray
Item# maxray-cocoon-portable-handheld-dental-xray1

Product Description

LIGHTWEIGHT– Less then 5lbs.

SAFE – ZERO leakage design makes MaxRay Cocoon safe.

RECHARGEABLE – One charge….takes hundreds of x-rays.

ECONOMICAL – One MaxRay Cocoon unit does the work of multiple x-rays systems. Improves your workflow in your office, its fast and convenient.

PRACTICAL – Handheld design allows operator to stay with the patient during procedure…It’s like taking a picture!

SIMPLE – No big bulky arms, backing plates for walls, special cabinets or costly electrical hookups.

VERSATILE – The MaxRay Cocoon Portable Handheld Unit can go with you anywhere. From one office to another!