ODISSEY IntraOral Xray - Signature Series FDA - Digital

ODISSEY IntraOral Xray - Signature Series FDA - Digital
ODISSEY IntraOral Xray - Signature Series FDA - Digital
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Product Description

ODISSEY IntraOral Xray - Signature Series FDA - Digital

Exposure for Conventional or Digital Radiology

FDA Approved

Fully compatible with the Digital Radiology Sensor systems (Radiovisiographs) available on the market.

The ODISSEY model has an Intelligent Control Panel that allows the user to program the different exposure times, according to the type of patient and the cavity to be examined, which allows optimizing the efficiency of the operation. It also has a “sequential configuration” option that allows the operator to configure parameters in an orderly manner: tooth type, patient type, voltage and exposure time, among others; This configuration can be saved for future use. From the Control Panel you can select the different operations: Exposure for Conventional or Digital Radiography Instant or delayed emission of 5 seconds by pressing the automatic mode button. It has a security system of 10 seconds per shutter, to eliminate the effects of double radiation. The perfect balance of its “scissor” arm allows the head a wide range of safe and reliable movement. All of our ODISSEY radiographic equipment is factory tested to ensure that it meets standard radiation emission levels. The ODISSEY model has an extended warranty for three (3) years, against manufacturing defects, from the moment of purchase. All equipment manufactured for FIAD International S.A.S are supported throughout America and around the world by our technical team, which has an experience of more than 35 years in the manufacture, service and marketing of Intraoral Radiology equipment.

Technical specifications

Input Current Power Consumption Input Voltage Regulation ODISSEY FIAD INTERNATIONAL S.A.S 8.2 AMP 0.8 Kva @ 120V 3% CIRCUIT BREAKERS orimar.com/es/?page_id=11 1/2 7/29/2020 Wall Odyssey Fuses Line Voltage Line Frequency 15A 250V 110V - 240V 50-60 Hz HEAD SPECIFICATIONS Output Voltage High Voltage Circuit Type Output Current Total Filtration Minimum Source-Skin Distance (SSD) Maximum Symmetric Radiation Field Secondary Transformer Impedance Focal Point 70KVp 108-132 VAC Single Phase Self Rectified 8mA +/- 2mA 2.5 mm Aluminum 8 ′ ′ (20cm) 23/8 ′ ′ (6cm) 70 kohm 0.8 mm

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