ProFil Flow Syringe 1gm. 4/pk. - Silmet

ProFil Flow Syringe 1gm. 4/pk. - Silmet
Item# profil-flow-syringe-1gm-4pk--silm14

Product Description

The excellent flowable consistency characteristics makes ProFil Flow an ideal composite for filling cavities.

Excellent esthetic properties No oozing or slumping Perfect for minimal invasive restorations Low Viscosity Maximum versatility High polish retention & stable color match Long term fluoride release Low shrinkage Indications Class III, Class V, Smaller Class IV restorations Base/liner in Class I & Class II restorations

High polishability Repair of resin, porcelain and acrylic temporary materials Pit & Fissure sealant Restoration of minimally invasive cavity preparations Undercut blockout

Fast placement technique, easy to apply and sculpt High Strength and wear resistance