Signature Series Essence

Signature Series Essence
Item# signature-series-essence

Product Description


Delivery with Assistant Telescoping Arm

Standard features:

- Three handpiece automatic (Hygience two handpieces)
- Try-Block valve (Duo-block on 2 handpiece systems)
- Master on/off
- Water coolant adjustment
- Three way syringe with autoclavable tip
- Non retracting water coolant
- Handpiece purge toggle
- Asepsis Midwest 4 hole tubing
- Standard foot control
- Utility Center
- Regulators, Filters, and Air/Water shut off valves
- Electronics cable pre-wiring (2 conductor)
- Flex arm with pneumatic brake
- Contoured Ridged Arm
- 45" Light pole with light adapter bushing
-Stainless instrument tray