Surgical Blades - All Sizes

Surgical Blades - All Sizes
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Product Description

Sterilized by Gamma Radiation of 2.5 R-Rads. Individually package in pool open aluminum foil. Shelf life 5 years after the date of sterilization. Sizes and shapes go according to the word standards set.

The sterile carbon steel surgical blades meet U.S. Federal specification GG-H80. Non toxic. Individually packed with V.P.I. Paper on both sides of the blades to protect against rust. Blades are manufactured under standard GMP.

The fitness of the blades is Universal, allowing blades to fit standard handles all over the world. Blades are found to be free of any burs or snag, and to have sufficient strength not to break under normal lateral pressure.

Box of 100 sterile blades wrapped in foil paper.

As Low as $12.99 buy 4

Same as Miltex


Surgical Blades Handles
Stainless Steel.