Valencia RC Series - Complete Dental Chair Package

Valencia RC Series - Complete Dental Chair Package
Item# valencia-rc-series--complete-dental-chair-package

Product Description

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Standard features:

Luxury hydraulic chair:

3 Programmable positions,

Articulating headrest,

Swing up/down aluminum armrest,

Wide backrest,cast aluminum backrest stand,

Cast aluminum base,

60 Seat rotation,Chair safety swtich,

Chair safety swtich,

Upgraded fiber leather,

One touchpad,

Foot control.

Valencia RC dentist's control head :

Standard touchpad,

Cast aluminum delivery head base,double pivot delivery head,

3 auto H.P. control, 1 doctor syringe,

Individual water coolant controls, master handpiece air coolant adjustment,

Asepsis handpiece tubing,

Handpiece flush system,

Master on/off switch,

Wet/Dry foot control,

Stainless steel tray with non-slip pad,

City / bottled water system,

Junction box with air/water filters, regulators, master shut-off valves, 5 ft umbilical,

Chair mounted swing rear cuspidor assistant vacumm package :

Assistant touchpad,

2 HVE, 1SE, 1 syringe on assistant's control,

Water outlet and air QD on assitant tray, Solids collector,

Swing mount LED light :

With sensor control,

3 Level intensity adjustment