Vivid CP 35% CP with Photo Initiator

Vivid CP 35% CP with Photo Initiator
Item# vivid-cp-35-cp-with-photo-initiat35

Product Description

1; 5cc Kit - 35% CP with Photo Initiator

VIVID CP is clinically proven to whiten teeth an average of eight shades in just one 30 minute treatment, giving you the immediate results you expect.

VIVID CP gets teeth whiter, faster, and keeps them whiter longer using our superior, proprietary light-activated whitening technology.

- Breakthrough Photo-Initiator Gel - Available in 35% CP - Eight Shades in only 30 Minutes - CAN BE USED WITH or without LIGHT CURING UNIT.

The SIGNATURE VIVID CP gel is a breakthrough, light-assisted, professional teeth whitening system. It is one of the most important innovations in the teeth whitening industry for over the last 20 years.

Store in A/c controlled environment. Refrigeration is not required. do not freeze. optimal storage temperature is 72 F

Note: Not Recommended for users with sensitive teeth.*